Granny Stool selected for the thematic exhibition Couplicité in Paris

In addition to being a part of Danish Crafts Collection CC15, which is launched on 9 September in Paris, Jonas Klein’s colourful stool, Granny, has managed to attract additional attention. Granny has been curated to be included in the thematic exhibition Couplicité, which occupies its own separate area at the lifestyle fair. The three-legged stool will also be on display in the show windows of the department store Galeries Lafayette until 1 October.

By Danish Crafts

The Granny stool is a tribute to our grandparents’ furniture. Furniture from a different age, when craftsmanship and detailing were top priorities. Both the seat and legs are hand-made on a lathe. Each leg is unique, and the shape of the leg emerged at the lathe, with a kind thought for granny’s furniture.

Jonas Klein had the idea for Granny when he set out to make a stool with legs from old chairs and tables. Each leg had to be unique, and it should be clearly evident that it was reused, stemming from a different age. When it proved hard to find enough legs Jonas Klein began to produce them himself.

In addition to Granny, Jonas Kleins lamp, Four, is also included in CC15.