Margrethe Odgaard’s tablecloth put into production by HAY

The tablecloth FOLD-UNFOLD, which had its debut as part of Crafts Collection CC13, has been put into production by the Danish design manufacturer HAY and is launched at Formland later this month.

By Danish Crafts

Since her graduation from The Danish Design School in 2005 textile designer Margrethe Odgaard has had many successes and has worked with Danish Crafts on several occasions. In addition to her taking part in CC13 with FOLD-UNFOLD, Margrethe Odgaard's pillows ‘Mimi & Moto' were included in both CC12 and CC+ for EXPO, and in April 2010 Odgaard's oversize napkin ‘The Art of Napkin Folding' was featured in Danish Crafts' MINDCRAFT10 exhibition in Zona Tortona, Milan.

Now Margrethe Odgaard has established collaboration with the Danish company HAY, which will be producing and marketing FOLD-UNFOLD in the future. The tablecloth is to be launched later this month at the Formland fair at Messecenter Herning, and even before the launch it has received positive attention, as it has been nominated for the Formland Design Award.

The design firm HAY, which is owned by Rolf Hay and Mette Hjort Hay and the Bestseller group, discovered Margrethe Odgaard's tablecloth when Mette Hjort Hay participated in a Crafts Collection panel arranged by Danish Crafts in spring 2009.

"We noticed FOLD-UNFOLD because it was part of Crafts Collection. Danish Crafts highlights craft and design from Denmark, and the products in the Crafts Collection often have a major potential in a commercial context. We just loved the colours and the underlying idea in Margrethe Odgaard's FOLD-UNFOLD. Furthermore, the design was fully developed and ready for serial production. The tablecloth is just fascinating, and we believe it's going to be one of the big hits in HAY's collection," says Mette Hjort Hay, who is responsible for HAY's accessories collection, among other things.

Margrethe Odgaard often works with reactive printing techniques and experiments to try out new ideas or techniques - or to convey a particular sensation. FOLD-UNFOLD has a unique expression with colourful patterns that seem to flow throughout the creases. The tablecloth is made using digital printing and a reactive dye that is subsequently ironed into distinctive creases.

In 2009 FOLD-UNFOLD received an award from The Danish Arts Foundation's Committee for Crafts and Design.