Hand-held Danish craft and design at Maison&Objet in Paris

Danish Crafts’ newcollection of extraordinary craft and design has its world premiere at the lifestyle fair Maison&Objet in Paris. The collection conclusively abandons conventional notions and prejudices about craft and documents the vitality that characterises Danish craft and design right now.

By Dorthe Michaelsen

ExtraOrdinaryCraft is the title of Danish Crafts’ brand-new collection of new Danish craft and design, which was presented at Maison&Objet. The collection, Crafts Collection 13, is the thirteenth in the series of collections that Danish Crafts markets internationally. A special characteristic of this year’s collection is a series of products that speak to our emotions while also containing “that little extraordinary something to keep us thinking”.

The collection tells the story of the development that has taken place in Danish craft and design with the gradual move from handcraft to mindcraft and demonstrates the special position that that craft occupies by adding a little extra to the ordinary and thus becoming extraordinary.

The collection includes 24 of Denmark’s most talented and experimenting craftspeople and designers. A common characteristic of this new generation is their artistic approach in rethinking tradition as they radically and energetically reinterpret familiar forms and archetypes.

Thus, Danish Crafts’ new collection illustrates the remarkable vitality and renewal that characterises the field, and which contributes to the success that Danish craft and design is currently experiencing.

Like the previous collections, Crafts Collection 13 has been hand-picked by an external curator to ensure that the collection represents the most innovative and unique aspects of the field. Thus, buyers are certain to find products that reflect the spirit of the times and contemporary trends.

Among the new pieces premiering at Maison&Objetis are the acrylic lamp Flux, tablecloths, glassware, ceramics and jewellery. However, new takes on “oldies” such as Povl Kjer’s Rocking Sheep in a green miniature version, Sia Mai’s water bottle and Susanne Hangaard’s condom dispenser are also among the collection’s extraordinary products.