From Crafts Collection to Normann Copenhagen

Stakit, a piece of seating furniture by designers Peter Johansen and Thomas Bentzen, has been a part of Danish Crafts’ annual collection of contemporary Danish craft, ‘Crafts Collection’, since 2007. Now, it has been launched as part of Normann Copenhagen’s new furniture line ‘New Danish Modern’, which had its debut showing at the Stockholm furniture fair in February 2009.

Stakit was originally designed for the Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition, where Karen Kjærgaard selected it for Danish Crafts’ collection CC11 Powercraft. Stakit was presented internationally at Ambiente in Frankfurt and at ICFF in New York in 2006. Stakit was also included in Crafts Collection12 Hands On, which was presented in New York and at Maison et Objet in Paris in autumn 2008.

Now, Stakit has been taken over by design manufacturer Normann Copenhagen as part of the firm’s new furniture collection ‘New Danish Modern’.

Poul Madsen, CEO of Normann Copenhagen, says, “When Jan and I review new designs for Normann Copenhagen, we take a very intuitive approach to the products. We fall for products that have an original idea and a simple design. These features are characteristic of Danish craft, and Crafts Collection is a good forum for spotting potential designs that can be recast in a commercial context. Stakit is a fascinating piece of seating furniture, which stands out, yet the idea is really simple and easy to decode. You can lean on Stakit and take it home with you, in contrast to ‘disposable’ seating furniture. With its reference to the Danish allotment garden, it was obvious to make Stakit a part of New Danish Modern – a furniture collection by Danish designers, made in Denmark.”

Stakit is the latest in a series of products that were initially launched internationally as part of Crafts Collection and later put into production by Normann Copenhagen. Previously, Ole Jensen’s broom and dustpan and his now legendary rubber washing up bowl, Mette Kargo Hvid’s rubber vase, Kontur, Rikke Hagen’s cognac glasses and Claydies’ ceramic “turf” vase, Grass, have all taken the same path.

Birgitte Jahn, director of Danish Crafts: “It’s encouraging that there are Danish manufacturers who have an eye for the subtleties of craft and who dare to invest in quality and innovation. One of the purposes of Crafts Collection is to initiate a development that may lead to a professional career on commercial terms for the individual participant, and thus, it is always positive to see a manufacturer put things from Crafts Collection into production.”

Thomas Bentzen and Peter Johansen are very satisfied with their participation in CC11 and CC12. They view Crafts Collection as an effective showcase venue, which has now had the positive effect that Stakit has gone into production.