CC11: Powercraft at ICFF in NY

Powercraft is the title of the Crafts Collection - the 11th collection of ultramodern Danish craft and design from Danish Crafts. You can experience the power of Danish craft at ICFF in New York May 19 - 22, booth 1018.

By Bo Kolbye

Danish Crafts presents a collection of modern Danish craft. The Crafts Collection, CC11, has been named Powercraft because its scope and diversity and the many new participants involved all signal energy, vitality and joie-de-vivre while powerfully articulating the force-field, which Danish craft and design is creating right now.

Earlier this year, CC11 Powercraft was presented at the Ambiente fair in Frankfurt and will now be introduced to the American public at the ICFF in New York. The fair will take place 19 -22 of May 2007.

Every year Danish Crafts puts together a collection of modern Danish craft and design to market at an international level. The collection is selected by external curators. The curator behind CC11 is architect Karen Kjærgaard.