Talent cradle

A cradle for young talents

Danish Crafts Collection is an international show-case for Danish designer-makers. Since one of the goals of Danish Crafts Collection is to make the designer-maker visible for commercial producers we extend relations with many potential manufactures.

Many of our products are series-produced crafts- and design products. Some of which have the potential for future industrial production for the purpose of mass distribution. This means that some of our products from time to time is taken over by private companies for production and marketing.

In other cases the designer-makers themselves decide to market their own products internationally after being 2-3 years in Danish Crafts Collection.

The past 15 years we have encouraged and promoted some of the most innovative designer-makers among the Danish talents: The Design Prize winning washing up bassin, by Ole Jensen, the cradle “Swing Low” by Søren Ulrik Petersen and Pernille Snedker Hansen's Marbellous Wood which won a Wallpaper Design Award in 2012 are all good examples of this.

Many other products are likewise no longer part of Danish Crafts Collection. But please do feel free to contact us if you would like to order products from previous collections. We can not actually take orders from previous collections but we will definitely put you in contact with the designer-makers themselves.