Nis Øllgaard’s shoehorn wins a Red Dot Award

Nis Øllgaard’s shoehorn was part of Danish Crafts Collection CC15, which was launched in autumn 2011. The product was soon spotted by Normann Copenhagen and they decided to put the shoehorn into production. Recently the shoehorn received a Red Dot Award.

Red Dot Design Award

The product design competition has existed since 1955 and its award, the “Red Dot”, is an internationally recognised quality seal. 1,865 designers and companies from 54 countries submitted 4,662 new products to the competition in 2013.

The product

A thin and flexible shoehorn in injection-moulded plastic that adapts to both the foot and the shoe. The built-in magnet makes it easy to mount the shoehorn on the wall. The simple design turns the shoehorn into a decorative sculpture. Nis Øllgaard found the inspiration for the shoehorn in his frustration with existing shoehorns which worked poorly and were unwieldy. Also, he wanted to create a shoehorn that would add a decorative element to the hallway instead of simply adding to the clutter.

Danish Crafts Collection

Design manufacturers such as Normann Copenhagen are an important target group for Danish Crafts' annual collection of new Danish craft and design. One of the goals for the Danish Crafts Collection is to spark a development for the individual participant that can result in a professional career on commercial terms. For a number of years, Danish Crafts has therefore cooperated with leading design manufacturers in an effort to help craftspeople and designers reach an audience.

Over the years, a wide range of products from the Danish Crafts Collection have been taken up by manufacturers, including Ole Jensen's rubber-bowl and dustpan, Rikke Hagen's cognac glasses, Claydies' Grass vases, Mette Cargo Hvid's vase Kontur, Thomas Bentzen and Peter Johansen's seating furniture Stakit, Margrethe Odgaard's Fold Unfold tablecloth and Merete Erbou Laurent's woven runner Two Ways.

The next Danish Crafts Collection will be launched in September 2013.