Strokes in production

Strokes vases by ceramist Agnes Fries is the latest product series to go from Danish Crafts Collection to a manufacturer. The vases are taken over by Normann Copenhagen and will be in stores soon.

Danish Crafts Collection’s objective is to brand Danish craft and design internationally, and to kick-start a professional career for the selected craftspeople by bringing their products to the market and by putting them in touch with relevant manufacturers.

Strokes vases were part of Danish Crafts Collection 16, which was launched in September 2012. From now on, the vases are marketed by Normann Copenhagen with the new title ‘Agnes’

The vases
The wheel-thrown vases are made in seven different sizes. After firing, the glazed vases are decorated with raw hand-painted brush strokes in a black overglaze.

”The brush strokes on the first versions of the vase were painted on the bottom, until one day when I turned one of the vases around by coincidence. And all at once it became obvious that this was just what was needed. It created the perfect playful, unhindered interaction between the simple shape of the vase and the decoration thereof,” Agnes Fries explains.

The vase series was designed and made in Jingdezhen, China, where Agnes Fries often works and finds inspiration.

Travel grant for Jingdezhen
In 2006, shortly after her graduation, Agnes Fries was awarded a travel grant from Danish Crafts. Her research trip went to Jingdezhen, the

capital of porcelain, and Agnes Fries returned from China with a whole range of new products and prototypes and extensive new knowledge about production conditions and techniques.

Among the outcomes of this trip was a series of vasesthat was selected for the Biennale at Trapholt in 2009 and later put into production by Kähler. The Kähler line is called Bottino and is currently available from stores around the world.

In 2010, Agnes Fries received support from Danish Crafts for a new product development project in Jingdezhen. The purpose was to develop new products and production-ready prototypes. Strokes is one of the outcomes of the travels to Jingdezhen.

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