From Crafts Collection to Bolia

From January 2013, Danish furniture brand Bolia takes over sales of Rikke Hagen’s lamp series Orla, which was originally marketed as part of the Danish Crafts Collection. The original Orla lamp was included in Crafts Collection CC15, and the follow-up design, Big Orla, is part of the current Crafts Collection, CC16.

"From the first time we set eyes on the lamp in Danish Crafts' collection, we have been in love with Orla. Orla is simple, Nordic and features good materials: solid wood and ceramics. The combination of old and new in a good old familiar form that is updated to a 2013 version is super optimal, and we have no doubt that Orla will be a sure winner for Bolia. In recent years, Bolia has increased the number of attached designers, and it is with great pleasure that we are now also able to offer designs by Rikke Hagen," says Charlotte Høegh Fallesen, product manager for Bolia International A/S.

In Bolia's collection, the lamps will be marketed as ‘Orla Wall' and ‘Big Orla'.

The inspiration for Rikke Hagen's lamp series comes from an old work lamp that hung in her grandfather's carpentry workshop. When her grandfather passed away, she inherited his workbench, his tool cabinet - and the lamp. Rikke Hagen used the original lamp as her work lamp for almost ten years, and in her design of the Orla lamps she has sought to preserve the simple, functional ‘work look'. The lamp series is named after her grandfather, Orla.

Rikke Hagen has taken part in the Danish Crafts Collection several times, including Crafts Collection 6, which was launched in 2001. On this occasion, Rikke Hagen's contribution was a series of cognac glasses, which were later put into production by Normann Copenhagen.

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