Merete Erbou Laurent’s runner put into production by HAY

The paper yarn runner, which was part of Crafts Collection CC12 and CC13, has been put into production by the Danish design manufacturer HAY.

In HAY’s portfolio Merete Erbou Laurent’s runner is called Two Ways – whereas in Crafts Collection the title was Both Sides.

The hand-woven runner is made of Finnish paper yarn. It is primarily intended as a rug, but it can also be hung on the wall for decoration or to facilitate good acoustics. As the name implies, Merete Erbou Laurent emphasises the duality of the runner. It is woven in a technique that gives the runner two very different sides. It has a monochrome side and a striped side; furthermore, the stripe pattern has an optical effect that changes with the beholder’s point of view.

The runner is inspired by the cultivated landscape with the many closely spaced lines of crop plants or crop stubble after the harvest. This effect is amplified by the optical colour sequences that run across the runner.

Earlier this year, Margrethe Odgaard’s tablecloth Fold Unfold was put into production by HAY. Odgaard’s tablecloth and Laurents’ runner were both discovered by HAY when Mette Hjort Hay participated in a Crafts Collection panel arranged by Danish Crafts in spring 2009. Mette Hjort Hay is co-owner of HAY and is responsible for HAY's accessories collection, among other things.