MYX Lamp

MYX is the name of both the lamp and the material. The textile material is based on mycelium (the vegetative part of fungi), hence MYX. The lamp is grown over a three-week period where the mycelium creates a vast network of threads that ‘glue’ the fibres together. After the three-week growing period, edible oyster mushrooms can be harvested, and the lamp is dried out. After drying, the mycelium is no longer active, and the strong and light-weight material is safe to use as an organic, sustainable and fully bio-degradable lamp shade.

MYX lamp is the result of Jonas Edvard Nielsen’s graduation project, which focused on solutions for domestic waste. He found inspiration in nature, especially fungi, which play a central role in the ecological recycling system. In an experimental process he discovered a new material and developed a concept for using left-over plant fibre and mushroom mycelium left over from commercial mushroom production to create a material that can be moulded and fixated in shape. With the project he wishes to challenge our understanding of living products and create a sustainable approach to product design, where industrial products can enable us to have a positive footprint in our daily lives.

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Jonas Edvard Nielsen

b. 1982, Danish industrial designer

Jonas Edvard graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design in 2013. He received a working grant from the Danish Arts Foundation in 2014. His MYX lamp won 3rd prize in the Green Furniture Award 2014 in Milan, and in 2012 his KONKRET lamp won 2nd prize in the Muuto Talent Award. In 2015, Jonas Edvard is represented at Textifood – EXPO 2015, organized by Futurotextiles / Lille3000 in Italy and in the Domus exhibition in Pilsen, the Czech Republic. He also took part in the award-winning Mindcraft15 exhibition at Salone del Mobile in Milan earlier in 2015. Also in 2015, his Terroir chair was purchased for the permanent collection of the Danish design museum TRAPHOLT. In 2014, he co-founded the Danish bio-design network FUGT and hosted open workshops about algae as a material at the recurring cultural event Kulturmødet.

Jonas Edvard Nielsen’s work has a strong emphasis on sustainability and material experimentation. He does not limit himself to a particular category of materials but finds productive challenges and possibilities in all basic, unprocessed materials. He is fascinated with the process of creating new materials, and his projects often involve research into the history and use of a particular resource or material. With an alchemist’s approach to the design process, he plays with our perception of materiality, shape and function to create products that appeal to a wider range of sensibilities and place the material into a new context of aesthetic value and functionality. With a strong emphasis on sustainability, he aims to contribute to the debate about how we can achieve a healthier lifestyle on a cleaner planet by favouring on simple, valuable and functional objects that contribute to a circular economy.

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H: 29, Ø: 32 cm
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