ElectroSock / LightSock

ELECTROSOCK is a knitted cotton sock for protecting mobile phones, iPods and other small electrical equipment. The sock is knitted, allowing it to shape itself according to the contents and hence fiting several different kinds of equipment. The socks are decorated with motifs inspired by 1980’s computer games. Current technology originated from these simple games, and thus a contrast arises between the simple pixel-graphics on the outside and the modern high-tech contents inside the sock. The choice of decoration is a comment on the speed at which technology is developing. Most people will recognize the figures and associate them with old computer-games, remembered with a smile despite their banal graphics. ElectroSock is available in mint green with light patterns like in the old computer- games.LightSock LIGHTSOCK As indicated by the name, LightSock is a knitted woollen sock on a lightbulb. It can be hung or placed on the table to provide a dim, informal light. LightSock was created from the desire to make a simple, low-tech device that did not obstruct the delicate shape of the lightbulb. The simple execution and the mixture of materials usually considered incompatible, challenge our traditional perception of lamps. LightSock is completely fireproof as long as low-energy bulbs of no more than 5W are used. LightSock is sold without fitting and lightbulb.

Line Dyrholm

b. 1977, Danish Industrial Designer

Dyrholm graduated from Designskolen Kolding in 2005. She works from a basic idea of simplicity while taking a humorous approach, which often leads to surprising details. She gleans her inspiration from everyday tasks and her works often focus on examining problems that appear to have no immediate solution. Her Sock Lamp is a good example.

img o-ld-01/ElectroSock
L: 15 / W: 6
Mint green / various patterns
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img o-ld-02/LightSock
L: 30 / Dia: 7
White, undefined mixed colours
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