Akiko Kuwahata had the idea for the perspective frame 30° from a work of art. The frames, which are made in 3 mm Oregon Pine, have a yellow, grey or sky-blue base painted with magnetic paint. The purpose of the magnet is to keep the framed item in place. The item in question may be art, a postcard or a note. The frames can be combined in various ways and are made using a cabinetmaking technique that is testimony to the precision and artful skill that characterize all Kuwahata’s products.

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Akiko Kuwahata

b. 1976, Japanese cabinetmaker and designer

Akiko Kuwahata graduated with a degree in Living Space Design from Nihon University, College of Art in Japan in 1999 and was a guest student at the Aarhus School of Architecture from 2004 till 2005. She participated in the exhibition MY PRECIOUS at Designmuseum Danmark in 2010, Women Work in Wood at Walford Mill Crafts in England in 2011 and Danish Crafts Collection CC15 and CC16. In 2011, Kuwahata was awarded a grant from Danmarks Nationalbank’s Anniversary Foundation and from Grosserer L.F Foghts Fond, in connection with her participation in the exhibition Women Work in Wood.

Akiko Kuwahata designs and produces high-quality utilitarian objects in wood and aims to promote the many facets of wood and the use of well-made wooden products in our everyday lives. Kuwahata works mainly in wood, and when she is creating something new and striving to find the right shape, she always seeks to explore the full potentials of the material. To do this she engages hands-on with the wood. She seeks to make all her products irresistible and pleasant to touch. She finds inspiration in old Japanese crafts and Scandinavian design.

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img o-akku-06/30° a perspective frame
H: 17 cm, B: 17 cm, D: 3 cm
Natural and light yellow
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img o-akku-05 /30° a perspective frame
H: 21 cm, B: 21 cm, D: 3 cm
Natural and light grey
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img o-akku-04/30° a perspective frame
H: 25 cm, B: 25 cm, D: 3 cm
Natural and light green
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