Filigreetree mini

Filigreetree Mini is hand-made in wood and produced in Trine Charlotte Find’s own workshop in Denmark. The Filigreetree Mini can be used as a Christmas tree in spaces with limited room: in the lobby or the children’s room, as an advent’s calendar carrying daily presents in the days leading up to Christmas or as decoration in shops or in hospitals or dentists’ clinics which require a clinical level of hygiene. To Trine Charlotte Find and her family, Filigreetree Mini spells joy-filled anticipation. The tree is sustainable and aesthetic. Filigreetree is available in untreated birch wood or in white or lime. It can be taken apart and reused year after year. Wood is cut into different lengths to be used as the branches of the tree, and holes are drilled in the trunk. All the trees are assembled before packaging to check that they meet the quality standards. Trine Charlotte Find also took part in CC14 and CC15.

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Trine Charlotte Find

b. 1974, Danish architect maa, designer

Trine Charlotte Find graduated as an architect from the Aarhus School of Architecture in 2001. She mainly works with wood, including pine, ash, birch and oak. Her working process often begins with hand-drawn sketches and continues with numerous 1:1 working models. Trine Charlotte Find bases her work on the tenet “keep it simple”, which to her describes a process that requires just as much time and effort as something that seems and is complicated. She draws inspiration from nature, travels and her children. A key aspect of Find’s design is the reshaping of objects she experiences in everyday life and in nature.

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img o-tcf-04/Filigree Tree mini
H: 65 cm
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