A cork rocking horse for physical play, that helps the child develop a sense of balance.

Cork granule is a surplus product from the cork industry, where nothing is wasted. For example, excess cork from wine corks is granulated and pressed into sheets with a glue adhesive that is approved for use in the food industry – and hence also for toys.

Tail and Neck gives good support to the smaller child that sits on the horse, and as growing older, the child can stand on the horse's edges in order to develop their sense of balance standing.

Django is first produced in a timber mole and then cut into cork granulate sheets, which are glued together. Finally, edges are sanded with machine and surfaces polished with sandpaper by hand.

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rebelldesign. Est.

Tania Hjorting b. 1973, designer

rebelldesign is owned by designer Tania Hjorting, who graduated from the Kolding School of Design, Interactive Media in 2002. Hjorting received a grant from Gudrun og Erik Kauffeldts Fond in 2002 for her graduation project on interactive media.

Tania Hjortings design is based on playful thoughts and a form of usability, in the way that small toes not are being pinched under a rocking horse. Further more she wishes to refocus awareness and to look toward future improvement and deliberate development, and has a goal to let nothing in the production be wasted.

Hjortings products are often characterized by a very simple expression. In addition, a large inspiration from nature, children, and not least by play.

img o-rebd-01/Django
H: 37 cm, B: 61 cm, D: 20 cm
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