Collection Mosaics

Collection Mosaics is a collection consisting of two rectangular cushions, a round cushion and a pouf, all sewn on sewing machine and made of quality fabrics from Kvadrat A/S. The underlying goal is to transform ethnic inspiration into Scandinavian design. For Lene B. Hansen, this means aiming to preserve the original harmony and soul in a contemporary design. The inspiration for Collection Mosaics comes from Moroccan mosaic floors, and the colour scheme includes rose, grey, dusty green and dusty lavender. The working process at PLACE de BLEU begins with Hansen’s ideas for a new pattern or design. The women are involved in the choice of colours, and an iterative process begins that does not end until everyone involved is happy with the outcome. The general design expression of the cushions is characterized by patchwork in a variety of colours and textures in a very distinctive mix. The inspiration for PLACE de BLEU’s designs comes from architecture, art, the street and, most importantly, the immigrant women themselves.

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Place de Bleu

Place de Bleu. Est. 2010

Lena Børre Hansen b. 1954, textile designer and visual artist and Trine Alette Panton b. 1969, M.Sc. in cultural geography

PLACE de BLEU is run by Foreningen Qaravane (Qaravan Association), which was founded in January 2010. Lena B. Hansen from the School of Decorative Art in 1981, Trine A. Panton graduated as an M.Sc. from the University of Copenhagen in 1997. Together, they act as designer and manager at PLACE de BLEU. The vision behind this socio-economic enterprise is to design, produce and sell sustainable products. PLACE de BLEU designs home accessories, mainly in textile. The products are based on colours, shapes and beautiful craft traditions from all over the world. In addition to the design achievements, Panton and Hansen explain that PLACE de BLEU provides an important social welfare service by employing and training marginalized women immigrants. The enterprise employs some 15 to 20 women; some have jobs on flexible conditions in the workshop on Blågårds Plads in Copenhagen, others work at home, knitting and crocheting, or work as trainees and volunteers. The women come from all over the world.

img t-pdb-01/Collection Mosaics, Mosaic Cushion I
L: 40 cm, B: 60 cm
Rosa, dust green, dust levender, white, greybrown
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img t-pdb-02/Collection Mosaics, Mosaic Cushion II
L: 40 cm, B: 60 cm
Lavender, drust green, light grey, light yellow
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img t-pdb-03/Collection Mosaics, Mosaic Cushion III
Dia: 55 cm
Purple, light green, light grey, dust green, light blue
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img t-pdb-04/Collection Mosaics, Mosaic Cushion IV
Dia: 55
Rosa, dust levender, white, light grey, light yellow, greybrown
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img t-pdb-05/Collection Mosaics, Mosaic Puf V
Dia: 75 cm, H: 27 cm
Rosa, dust green, dust levender, white, light grey, light yellow
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