VEGA Magazine Rack

For many years, VEGA has been up on the wall in Rikke Beck Christensen and Anders Folke Andersen’s home, and early in 2011 the magazine rack was put into production. The idea springs from their own frustration with the lack of appropriate storage space for their magazines and laptop computers. VEGA is designed with a focus on traditional cabinetmaking methods and is made of solid untreated oak wood. The VEGA Magazine Rack is minimalist and capacious. The clean lines, the rough lightness and the parallels to the classic plate rack make VEGA a modern, functional and decorative piece of storage furniture.

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Foxy Potato

Foxy Potato. Est. 2005

Anders Folke Andersen b. 1978, cabinetmaker and Rikke Beck Christensen b. 1977, decorator

Anders Folke Andersen is a trained cabinetmaker, and in 2005 he founded Foxy Potato. He received a bronze medal for his graduation project in 2000, and in 2009 he was nominated to the award for Best Design by the home design magazine Bolig Magasinet. Alongside Foxy Potato, Anders spent his spare time making furniture to order. This sparked the desire to make furniture of his own design. In 2009, Rikke Beck Christensen joined Foxy Potato, and today the couple owns and runs the firm together. Most recently, Foxy Potato participated in Formland in 2011 and in Salone del Mobile in 2012. Andersen and Christensen usually work in wood, and their vision is to create modern furniture classics that are not just appropriate today but also in 50 or a 100 years. The main source of inspiration is Anders Folke Andersen’s passion for classic Danish furniture design, and the process of designing and shaping a piece of furniture by hand based on traditional cabinetmaking techniques is essential for him. Foxy Potato’s designs are characterized by simplicity and quality. All the furniture is produced in Denmark.

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L: 201,5 cm D: 7,6 cm, B: 30 cm
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