Lights is the name for a collection of lamp shapes in cast porcelain with textile cords. The recognisability of a design is essential for Finnsdottir, so each lamp shade in the Lights collection consists of casts of things we all recognize from our everyday life and reality. The vision behind the lamp shades is the idea of creating a familiar expression that simultaneously appears new and inspiring. Finnsdottir and Hoff’s working process begins with the casting of the lamp shades in porcelain slip. Then the shades are polished, a hole is made in the top, and the shades are biscuit-fired at 960 degrees Celsius. Finally the shades are glazed and fired again, this time at 1280 degrees Celsius. Lights consists of five one-off lamp shades, respectively in glossy yellow, glossy white and matt black.

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Finnsdottir. Est. 2007

Thora Finnsdottir Søe b. 1974, ceramist and Anne Hoff b. 1975, graphic designer

Thora Finnsdottir Søe and Anne Hoff make up Finnsdottir, which they founded in 2007. Finnsdottir is based on a shared visual understanding and a fruitful interaction between their different skill sets and backgrounds. Thora Finnsdottir Søe graduated from The Danish Design School in 2009, the Line of Ceramics and Glass. Her exhibition activities include the Spring Exhibition at Charlottenborg in 2007 and Cowparade Copenhagen in 2009. Anne Hoff graduated as a graphic designer from the Danish School of Media and Journalism.

The two women mostly make products in porcelain and are generally inspired by and fascinated with shapes. Their designs take their point of departure in existing and found objects. They combine these objects in a new way and thus create a new expression while preserving the recognizable element as part of the design.

img f-fido-02/Lights, Flowertop
Dia: 11 cm, H: 11,5 cm
Yellow, white or black
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img f-fido-03 /Lights, Krinoline
Dia: 21 cm, H: 14 cm
Yellow, white or black
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img f-fido-04/Lights, Swan
Dia: 16 cm, H: 12,5 cm
Yellow, white or black
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img f-fido-01/Lights, Tophat
Dia: 13 cm, H: 13 cm
Yellow, white, black
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img f-fido-05 /Lights, Trumpet
Dia: 13 cm, H: 12 cm
Yellow, white or black
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