Fictile 12.1

Fictile 12.1 is a breakfast set or collection of breakfast ‘utensils’. The different colours, qualities and treatments reflect her goal of adding a new sensuous dimension to breakfast. So although ‘Fictile’ simply means ‘shaped in clay’, Fictile 12.1 expresses Tophøj’s fascination with and inspiration from the many different materials and techniques. In this case she uses the techniques of pressing, jiggering and casting. The goal, Tophøj explains, is to define a playing field with a few key players – to create an open space with a wide framework that is open to interpretation and further development.

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Anne Tophøj

b. 1960, Danish ceramic designer

Anne Tophøj’s work revolves around use and function, material and technique, and form and its expressive aspects. She takes an explorative and experimental approach – by constantly altering her method and point of departure she explores the creative potential in relation to shape and appearances. Anne Tophøj focuses on the stage before things are determined, when the possibilities have been identified and laid bare, and everything is still wide open. In recent years, Anne Tophøj has pursued a design approach that leaves room for randomness and unfinished elements. This form approach and idiom are closely linked to her interest in production and method aesthetics and generative form-giving – an approach that draws on the potential of a material, tool or technique. In recent years, Anne Tophøj’s ceramics has been featured in several exhibitions, including ‘På Tværs’ at Carlsberg in Copenhagen in 2010, ‘Statistics Ceramics’, which was presented both in Hamburg and Gothenburg in 2008, and MINDCRAFT11 in Milan in 2011. In addition, Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, Designmuseum Danmark in Copenhagen and Trapholt in Kolding have purchased works by Anne Tophøj for their collections. Tophøj also designed service plates for Bo Bech’s Restaurant Paustian. The Danish Arts Foundation awarded Anne Tophøj its three-year working grant in 2004-2007 as well as working grants in 2010 and 2011.

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img c-at-07/Fictile 12.1 Cup
Dia: ca. 10 cm
Red clay with black handle and white glazing on the inside, Yellow clay with red handle and white glazing on the inside, White glazed without handle, Black glazed without handle (Every product is unique)
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img c-at-08/Fictile 12.1 Bowl
Dia: ca. 15 cm
Black clay with white glazing on the inside, Red clay with white glazing on the inside or black glazing on the inside, Yellow clay with white glazing on the inside or black glazing on the inside (Every Product is uniqe)
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img c-at-09/Fictile 12.1 Plate
Dia: ca. 20 cm
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