Drop-Vase is a decorative and useful little vase for tiny spring flowers or the small flower that snaps off a larger bouquet. The individual flower is highlighted in a beautiful and sculptural presentation. To make the vases Bettina Schori collects glass from scrap yards, glaziers’ shops and glass dealers, where used or broken glass is discarded. The vases are made using the so-called “slumping technique”, where the glass is placed in a cold glass kiln on a perforated metal sheet that is raised 10 cm above the kiln plate. As the kiln heats up, the glass melts and falls through the holes in hollow drops. When the “drops” reach the kiln plate the kiln is turned off. The shape of the vases is determined by the size of the holes, the distance to the kiln plate, the temperature in the kiln, and the placement of the plates. The kiln cools off slowly, and the following day the vases are sawn off at the top, and the edges are polished. This approach gives all the vases slightly different expressions, more or less lopsided, thin or thick, small or not so small … each vase a one-off.

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Bettina Schori

b. 1962, Danish glass designer

Bettina Schori graduated from the Kolding School of Design, the line of ceramics & glass in 1995. Bettina Schori’s exhibitions include the Biennale of Crafts and Design at Trapholt and KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art in 2004 and exhibitions in the five Nordic countries, as well as Russia, Latvia and Hungary with the exhibition group GLASGULDGUMMIOGGENBRUG (glassgoldrubberandrecycledstuff) where all the members work with recycled materials. Bettina Schori has previously taken part in CC06, CC07 and CC14. Bettina Schori works with glass and metal, scrap and recycled materials. She works mainly with cold glass, window glass and glass from old bottles, often in combination with other materials. Her approach is playful and experimental, and she is constantly exploring new ways of shaping glass. Schori considers it an inescapable but also an exciting challenge to consider environmental and resource issues, also in her work in the workshop. She loves to find new possibilities in discarded things and giving them a new life in a new context. Bettina Schori’s work ranges from sculpture and decoration to the design of interiors and objects for everyday use. She likes to make things that tell a story and which spark surprise, reflection and inspiration.

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img g-bs-01/Dropvase, box with 3 unique vases
H: 4-8,5 cm
light green
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