Acid Alice

The fabric is computer-designed, digitally printed on cotton with a slight vintage finish. Anders Arhøj found inspiration in classic quilts and honeycomb patchwork from the United States and continued his exploration of the Alice In Wonderland story, designing a fabric that challenges the prevailing "Scandinavian beech wood" aesthetics. The Acid Alice fabric is ideal for far-out lamp shades or as an intense textile wallpaper for the nursery.

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Anders Arhøj

b. 1979, Danish designer

Anders Arhøj works with illustration and product design. Anders Arhøj has exhibited all over the world, including the solo exhibition ‘Endless Fall’ at MOHS Exhibit in Copenhagen in 2007 and a large group exhibition in Q Pop Gallery in Los Angeles in 2011. Anders Arhøj has received several awards for his work, including a first prize in PRIX JEUNESSE, the category of Interactivity, in 2008 and a first prize in SIME AWARD, the category of Best Online Entertainment, in 2007, both in recognition of his identity and web design for And in 2011, Anders Arhøj received a grant from the Danish Author’s Society. Anders Arhøj’s work is always characterised by an ambition of taking a playful and experimental approach. He likes to tell stories through a graphically distinct and fantastical expression and often uses illustrations of animal characters and creatures in interaction with nature. Anders Arhøj is interested in visual narrative worlds and in conveying them through design. Exposing a fragment of a story or a dimension that attracts attention; something that is not dull and irrelevant. In terms of their target audience, Anders Arhøj’s productions are often in the borderland between adults and children. One of his goals is to create products that spark an opinion – things that one person may find attractive and beautiful while someone else will find them offensive and in bad taste. Anders Arhøj has lived and studied in Japan and continues to draw much of his inspiration from there.

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W: 137 cm, L: 100 cm
multiple colours
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