The lamp FOUR is a simple lamp with a calm and harmonious expression. The base was hand-milled on a lathe. The white acrylic lamp shade was made using a special vacuum technique where the shape is created by means of suction. With FOUR, Jonas Klein wanted to design a simple and harmonious lamp with organic shapes and a minimum of components. The lamp is a prototype.

Jonas Klein

b. 1973, Danish furniture designer

Jonas Klein participated in Danish Crafts Collection CC13 and CC15 and has exhibited in several venues around the world, including DMY in Berlin in 2009 and 2010 and Blickfang in Vienna, also in 2009 and 2010. In 2011 he participated in TENT during the London Design Week. Jonas Klein’s designs are typically functional, and characterized by a simple expression and use of colour. His working process involves a mix of hand-drawings, computer drawings, models and prototypes. Jonas Klein finds inspiration in a variety of sources, such as a shape, a silhouette or a component part of an object. For example, a joint that connects two pieces of wood may provide the inspiration for something new that is completely removed from the original joint.

Jonas Klein always strives for simplicity, and throughout the process he keeps asking, “Why does that part need to be there?” “Do I really need that part?” “Is that part actually necessary, or that colour?” Questions that aim to cut to the bone and seek out the essence. In many cases, Klein’s inspiration springs from a personal need, and new ideas emerge when he encounters a need for new solutions to everyday challenges.

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img f-jk-03/Four
H: 20,5 cm, W: 30 cm
nature, white
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