Folded Dish

Folded Dish is a decorative one-off dish with a white base and a blue silk-screen print. Helene Søs Schjødts used the slab technique to make the folds and then added silk-screen printed motifs to the clay. She folds the clay one tiny piece at a time and gradually combines the individual pieces into a whole. Helene Søs Schjødts draws much of her inspiration from the soft expression and sets out to tell a story about some aspects of the capacity of clay. She uses experiments to make the flat motif work in a three-dimensional form.

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Helene Søs Schjødts

b. 1980, Danish ceramist

Helene Søs Schjødts graduated from the Danish Design School, Bornholm, the ceramic line 2010 (now the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, Bornholm). Her works are based on the textural qualities of the clay. She seeks to maintain the soft expression that characterises the clay in the early stages of the working process. Helene Søs Schjødts works with a selection of patterns in interaction with form. She finds inspiration for these patterns in the world around her: buildings, street scenes, nature, travels and other cultures. She also draws inspiration from texture, folds, colours and the expression of the Baroque. The patterns are created on the basis of drawings and photographs and made in to silk-screen print. Helene Søs Schjødts’ works appear soft, but they are not. They beckon to the beholder and make us wonder about the material and the production process. The works contain references to textile, and the patterns support the form and make it unique.

img c-hss-01/Folded Dish
Dia: approx. 33 cm, H: approx. 6 cm
white with blue print
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