Yippie Yi Yay

“Yippie Yi Yay” is a series of small stories on dishes. The dishes are decorated reused plates. The decorations are ceramic transfers featuring hand-cut and hand-drawn motifs. The old plates tell their own stories about other ages and past dinners. Each dish acquires an added story through Meyer Lavigne’s decorations. The new stories spring from a cowboy universe, and each dish comes with a little story about the character on the dish. To Meyer Lavigne it is important to offer products that have a clear personal story to tell, and which are keen to offer the consumer a little slice of their universe, and they hope that the consumer will grasp the underlying care, joy and humour.

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Meyer-Lavigne. Est. 2007

Kristine Meyer b. 1970, designer and Sabine Lavigne b. 1974, designer.

Kristine Meyer and Sabine Lavigne both graduated from The Danish Design School, the Line of Ceramics and Glass (now the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design) in 2005 with a joint project in cooperation with Royal Copenhagen.

Since 2007, they have run the company Meyer-Lavigne where they design products for the home. In addition to their own porcelain production they carry out design assignments for other design firms and styling assignments for design and interior magazines. Meyer-Lavigne exhibited their savings boxes Need more – Think twice at The Danish Ministry of Culture in 2012 and at Galeries Lafayette during the Paris Design Week in 2011. They also exhibited at Tent during London Design Festival in 2011. In 2009 they were awarded grants from Danmarks Nationalbank’s Anniversary Foundation and from Grosserer L.F. Foghts Fond, and in 2002 Sabine Lavigne won an RSA Student Design Award in London. They have participated in Danish Crafts Collection CC14, CC15 and CC16.

Although the two designers studied at the Line of Ceramics and Glass, they also like to design products in other materials, like textiles, wood and print. A common characteristic of Meyer-Lavigne’s products is a decorative, unique and personal expression. The duo believes that in an affluent consumer society as ours, people should surround themselves with things that have been infused with time, craftsmanship and spirit. They find inspiration through the quirky or off-beat, the unpredictable, in the world of graphics and in personal stories and interactions.

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Dia: approx. 23-30 cm
various (all is unique)
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