Villa Voice

Villa Voice is fun and educational toys for young children and their adults. The villa is home to six soft characters. Each of the characters has its own little story with a distinct sound. Thus, the stories in Villa Voice feature the six Ling sounds that make up the foundation of the child’s emerging language. To master the spoken language the child must first be familiar with the Ling sounds, which include, for example, ii, sh, aa. The Ling sounds cover all the frequencies that characterise language sounds in any language. The house is made of Pauwlonia wood, painted with azo-free paint and the characters are made of organic cotton.

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Dorthe Mailil and Lena Nicolajsen

Dorthe Mailil b. 1967, Danish designer
Lena Nicolajsen b. 1975, Danish designer

Lena Nicolajsen graduated from The Danish Design School, the line of visual communication in 2008. Afterwards she was contacted by Dorthe Mailil, who was interested in working with her on developing Lena’s graduation project – toys with an emphasis on language and learning.

Dorthe Mailil graduated as a graphic designer from The Danish Design School in 1996. Since 1999 she has run the company Maileg, and with her unique style and authentic expression she has created the company’s collections ever since. Together, the two designers have created Villa Voice where Lena Nicolaisen’s ideas about ‘learning toys’ are combined with Dorthe Mailil’s visual universe.

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H: 56 cm W: 30 cm L: 30 cm
natural wood, multi colours
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