Rocking Sheep

The Rocking Sheep is a rocking animal designed primarily as a toy, which is also a unique crafts product that fits into any setting as a piece of furniture with a wide range of functions, including serving as a TV rack and as a footstool. The Rocking Sheep is made in varnished pine, padded with foam rubber and upholstered in lambskin. The first Rocking Sheep was a gift to Povl Kjer’s niece as a humorous reminder of her parents’ rural background. The Rocking Sheep are handmade in small series to preserve the high level of quality. The Rocking Sheep comes in white, black, brown, grey and pink. The dimensions are W: 25 cm, L: 83 cm, H: 60 cm, seat height approximately 40 cm.

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Povl Kjer

b. 1954, Danish designer

Povl Kjer studied at the Kolding School of Arts and Crafts in 1974-76 and at Århus Kunstakademi (Århus Academy of Art) in 1976-78. In 1981 he completed his apprenticeship as a wood carver, and since then he has worked with most aspects of the trade, including ornaments, sculptures, moulds, models, reconstruction and restoring. Povl Kjer works mainly in wood and often carries out assignments for museums, exhibitions and companies. Among other things, he has designed exhibition mannequins for the Carlsberg brewery. For the Hans Christian Andersen Museum he did a sculpture of Hans Christian Andersen and wooden figures to illustrate the fairytales. Kjer has also worked with Lego and designed a knife series for the restaurant A Hereford Beefstouw. In his knife designs, form plays a key role, and he seeks to challenge as well as accommodate the requirements of the hand and the eye. Povl Kjer’s works are rooted in Nordic culture and nature, and he uses carefully selected materials with an emphasis on quality. Povl Kjer’s Rocking Sheep was part of Danish Crafts Collection CC11, CC12, CC13 and CC14.

Povl Kjer mostly handles the production himself, but occasionally he subcontracts. It is important for Kjer to work with local suppliers, because he considers the product concept inseparable from the production process. His works are always anchored in his personal and professional life.

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white, black, pink, brown, grey
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