Textile Stones / Pompons

TEXTILE STONES is a series of humorous sculptural cushions inspired by stones found in streams, at the beach, or in rocky landscapes. The cushions are round shapes of fulled wool with a number of non-identical ‘sliced blobs’ in various colours. TEXTILE STONES may be used either as visual objects, cushions in a sofa or for resting on the floor, where it is possible to lay out several cushions on a surface, letting them form a fantastic sea of colour to draw the eye and rest the body.

POMPONS is a series of huge, sculptural cushions. The pompons are made of wool, and Fagerlund has used the classical technique of wrapping thread around two cardboard rings, whose circumference defines that of the finished pompon. The spherical pompons are available in three sizes, 80, 60 and 40 cm in diameter, and come in black. They can be used as sculptures, for a quick rest, or as pillows in a sofa. The three-dimensional material is soft and delicious to sink into, and the inflation of a flat material into a spatial figure makes them highly humorous, especially as most people recognize them from childhood craft-projects.

Pernelle Fagerlund

b. 1960, Danish Textile Designer

Fagerlund graduated from Danmarks Designskole, Copenhagen in 2003. She studied painting and sculpture at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam in the early 1990s. The sculptural approach is clearly discernible in her work, which often gives the impression of being textile furniture. She transcends the traditional boundaries relegating textiles to a secondary role in furniture-design. Instead she seeks to meld the two concepts in a synthesis providing a surprising and untraditional take on an entirely new kind of furniture. One example of this artistic working technique is to be founding her work Textile Dictatorship from 2003, an untraditional element of rest produced from fulled wool, felt and insulating tubing – inspired by marine life: sea anemones, corals and plants. Due to its originality, this work has been exhibited in numerous places in Denmark and abroad – most recently in Berlin in 2006. Pernelle Fagerlund’s untraditional working method, which challenges traditional boundaries between textile and furniture have given rise to a great deal of press coverage in Danish and international lifestyle- and fashion magazines.

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img t-pf-03/Pompon, S
Dia: 40x40
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img t-pf-04/Pompon, M
Dia: 60x60
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Dia: 80x80
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Dia: 30 x 40
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