Birchwood Veneer carpet

Volf’s veneer carpet was inspired by classical rugs made from wool and cotton, which have evolved through many centuries in numerous cultures throughout the world. Although this veneer carpet originates from the classical rug, it is still very different. The veneer carpet represents a completely new and different idea for a carpet, besides being allergy-friendly. Volf’s rug is made from varnished birchwood veneer with straps sewn onto the back. The birchwood veneer carpet measures 150 x 75 cm and comes with and without red print.

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Carlo Volf

b. 1968, Danish Industrial Designer

Volf graduated from the Institute of Industrial Design at Danmarks Designskole in 1997. His works are inspired by Scandinavian materials like ash- and birchwood. He often seeks to confer new properties upon familiar materials. His latest piece, Veneer Carpet, features wood veneer so thin and fine that it begins to behave like textile and can be worked as such. This suddenly allows us to view the veneer in a new manner, opening our eyes to the many possible uses of wood. Volf has worked with carpets before. One piece from his exhibition ‘Planken ud’ – Walking the Plank - at the Danish Museum of Decorative Art in Copenhagen showed the sofa The Magic Carpet – resembling a partially rolled-up carpet. Today Volf’s work is represented in a number of places, including the Danish Ministry for Ecclesiastical Affairs and at the Danish Embassy in Nairobi. Volf has received several awards for his work, including first prize at an international lighting competition arranged by Koizumi in Tokyo, Japan, in 1996.

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L:150 / W:75
Nature, red trimming, red pattern (other colours available with orders of 10 + )
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img o-cv-01/Veneer Rug
L:150 / W:75
Nature, red trimming
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