Helle Graabæk

b. 1962, Danish Textile Designer

Graabæk graduated from Designskolen Kolding in 1992. She works mainly with textiles and finds inspiration in architecture and in everyday human interactions. Her works often have a graphic appearance and are characterised by simple and dynamic compositions with a modern expression. Helle Graabæk’s approach is investigative, and in the process she strives to keep an open mind to unexpected results that may affect the development of the product as well as the designer. She works with the design company Kvadrat and the Danish lamp maker Le Klint, for whom she has recently designed a series of lamp shades for the popular Undercover series. She was included in Crafts Collection 11 with her Drowning by NUMBERS dish towels. Helle Graabæk has received several grants from the Danish Arts Foundation, most recently in 2000, when she received the three-year working grant.

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Drowning by NUMBERS

Drowning by NUMBERS includes three series, each consisting of four dish towels with graphic number prints, either in four different colours or in black and orange. The dish towels are made in 100% linen and intended for everyday use. The printed numbers are a wry comment on the complexities of everyday life and an attempt at simplification: When No. 1 is wet, you move on to No. 2, etc. The metal eyelet makes the towels easy to hang.
The funky print challenges our routine and encourages dialogue and reflection – maybe it draws a smile. Who said a mundane object like a dish towel had to be dull and in a dull quality?

img t-hg-08/Drowning by NUMBERS, tea towels
W: 50/ L: 70
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img t-hg-09/Drowning by NUMBERS, tea towels
W: 50/ L: 70
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